June 7, 2023
Whatsaap Go

Download Whatsapp Go Apk New Version V0.20.197

WhatsApp Go

WhatsApp Go is the new small version of WhatsApp which was made by developer in March 2018. It is made as such that it will consume less data and will not effect your data a lot and storage app to function smoothly on the 3G and as well as 2G networks and other poor internet connections. Which makes it easier for users who have a limited bandwidth and storage space on their phone.

As you will install WhatsApp Go, you will not be suppose to install any other version of WhatsApp any more.

WhatsApp Go apk is a new edition of WhatsApp in its bid to make the app accessible to a wider range of users. It’s designed to use less data, need less space on your phone and run faster. The latest version of WhatsApp is also more lightweight and can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

WhatsApp has been trying to find a balance between developing for newer technologies while still maintaining compatibility with older ones.

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Whatsapp Go apk

WhatsApp Go MOB 2022

WhatsApp Go is a simplified version of the popular social media app WhatsApp designed for low end smartphones. It has features like- Chat Limits, Status Updates, Voice calling without internet instead of WhatsApp call, Image sharing without internet etc.

It helps all those people which are poor and they cannot afford money or buy big mobiles which is too costly for them who are also not able to use WhatsApp due to poor internet connectivity or because they are having poor mobile phones which cannot support 4G or 3G.

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Features Of WhatsApp Go

This application will allow you to send and receive messages and media like photos, videos, and audio clips  to your friends or family while using less data.

This application is a modified version of the WhatsApp. The new iOS and Android versions WhatsApp Go application will still allow you to send and receive messages and media like photos, videos, and audio clips to your friends in all over the world with less internet speed as well.

The application was created because other WhatsApp application consume a lot of data and in comparison with that application this app is far far better than other application. The app is very smaller size and doesn’t have the photo upload, status update, video upload, or voice messaging features of the regular WhatsApp.

The new version of WhatsApp has many different features than the original such as reduced size and no photo, status or video uploading abilities. The app was designed for those who have lower-end smartphones and slower internet connections which will help them quickly send and receive messages without using as much data as before.

It also has a few other features which make it more convenient to use than the old version of Whatsapp:

-It saves photos and videos in a separate folder

-The user can send messages to multiple recipients at once any time

-It has a different design language that makes it easier to find chats.

Whatsapp Go

Procedure of Installing WhatsApp Go APK in your Device?

1) Open play store in your mobile phone.

2)Search WhatsApp Go in play store.

3)Just click on install and install it in your phone and start using it.

I hope so this article was interesting and may help you people.

Whatsapp Go

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