October 2, 2023
Familog Mod Apk

Download Familog Mod Apk for Android

Download familog mod apk for android

You can track online status of your family members, know when they are online. Familog Mod Apk (abbreviation for ‘Family and Friends log’) is an application that stores your friends and family information.

With Familog Mod Apk, you can: Track people’s online status; Know about when they are online; Send them messages; Send them photos; Find them on the map; Share profiles to social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter); Change profile Picture and cover photo.

I’ve been using Familog Mod Apk for both my wife and myself for a couple of years now, and it suits our needs nicely. As a former heavy user of Facebook Messenger, I found it liberating to stop using it because we’re in touch through Familog all the time and it’s worked out great.

Familog introduction

Do you know how many people in your contact list uses Facebook?

What if we can keep a track on all of the people who you are in touch with by just using WhatsApp.

It can store their WhatsApp user IDs FAMILOG PROFILE FEATURES


How does online monitoring work?

How often do you check on your loved ones’ status on mobile? If you feel that you lose contact with your closest people, you can change that now with this App!

The App provides an easy to use interface that lets you create a calendar listing of all the online status of every person you care about.

When your loved ones are on-line, they show as Online. When they’re offline, they show as Not Online. You’ll never miss important moments by not checking up on them anymore, especially during their free time!

You don’t have to worry about spending time waiting for them to be online, because every online status and location is shown in the calendar view, from their mobile data connection and WiFi.

You can specify time or place in the calendar view to get notified to know someone’s status at that time.

Familog’s beautiful, easy-to-use interface means you’ll never miss an important event again.

How to use familog for android

You can get Familog for the web version and run it on your desktop or on any gadget On Android: Search in the Google Play Store for ‘Familog’ and install Familog. You need to enable ‘Unknown sources’ in the settings app to allow the app to run on this device.

On iOS: Open the link and download the Familog app from the App Store, then open the app.

After installing the Familog companion app for iOS or the Familog app for Android phone, open the app or go to the App menu and click About to access the following information:


Version: 0.7.0

License: GNU AGPL Ver. 3.

How to make a family wall

To create a wall, first select the ‘Family’ option on the menu.

Next tap on the name of the family member who you want included in the wall.

Tap on the ‘Family Wall’ option.

Tap on the ‘Create The Wall’ button.

Now you have a ‘Family Wall’ on the main menu. Now you can select your family member and then ‘Follow’ or ‘Ignore’ them using the left/right arrow buttons. If you want to send them a message, you can do that on the ‘Follow’ screen of each of your members.

If you want to change any details on your family wall, it’s easy too. Click on the arrow at the top and left of the wall’s photo to go the ‘Update Profile’; to change your wall’s photo you need to hit the Update Info button.

Other features of familog mod apk

1. Tracking online status of friends and family members.

Whether they’re online or offline, you always get the latest updates on their status, and this lets you know when you can connect, or reconnect.

2. See contact photo in contact section.

You see a contact photo in the contact list on every chat screen.

3. Show/hide chat messages in quick access.

You can show/hide the chat messages in the quick access list on every chat screen.

4. You can view all your chat history.

You can view all your chat messages in one screen, and this is great if you want to recall a message later.

5. Add contacts to your family members list.

You can add contacts to your family members list. As an example, when tracking your mom, you can add her to your family list 6. Change your profile Picture and cover photo.

How to download familog mod apk for android

Download the APK file from below URL :

For Installation:

1. First of all, you need to download the ‘Familog mod apk’.

2. Then Install the APK directly using ‘Familog mod apk’.

3. Now you would see ‘Download complete’ message.

4. When you exit the APP, you can see that the application has been downloaded and installed or not.

5. Now go and use it.

You can also use this:


The application is not just helpful for tracking friends but also family members as it can give you information about when he/she is online and much more. It is perfect for those who have families abroad and also for those who are often working overseas.


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